I never cease to be amazed how adult people who are supposed to possess a great deal of knowledge based upon years of academic study, can lack basic common sense.

A child 0-12 years of age cannot tell you they are transgender. That same child may also tell you they are a puppy, a pig or a superhero because they possess great imagination. Imagination should be encouraged but it should not replace reality. Children today are confronted with so much that is not appropriate for a child. Why are we as a society in such a hurry to make children grow up. Have the adults become so selfish that we are pushing our kids to grow up so we can have our freedom back?

I am 60 this year, I had my last child at 41. She has just graduated high school. Like so many kids today she feels pressured to decide her life. Her career path, her sexuality and of course her gender. My husband and I have never pushed any of this. And yet she feels the pressure. It societal. It needs to stop.

A child under 12 cannot tell you his gender and a child under 25 cannot tell you his gender. The current model is affirmative care. My child has ADHD, stimulants help her to function better but if she came to me asking for cocaine, I would t give it to her because as an adult I know it’s bad for her and the effects will be fleeting but addictive. In the short term she might be productive but in the long term she will be an addict.

We are allowing children to tell the adults with all the education and degrees that they know what will be best for them in 5, 7, 10+ years. I feel very confident in saying a 15 year old girl who has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend cannot know if she wants kids. I feel just as sure saying that a boy of the same age cannot tell you he understands the full ramifications of removing his testicles, let alone stripping his penis down and inverting it into a neovagina.

Children have parents because they need adults to be responsible for them until they have fully functioning brains around age 25. In our world today, with all the co-morbidities these kids have, Covid, etc I say say even longer than that.

Ken Zucker saw this and handled it appropriately with watchful waiting. Talking to these kids and finding out what was really going on. Transition may be appropriate for some but for sure not the entire population which currently identifies as trans.

Step up and be the adults, stop childhood transition. If your kid decides to do this as an adult, love them and be there but you had kids because you wanted to parent now do it.

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I have recently read an interesting paper in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 2021 50(8) 3353-3369 (of which Dr Kenneth Zucker is editor), titled:

“Individuals Treated for Gender Dysphoria with Medical and/or Surgical Transition Who Subsequently Detransitioned: A Survey of 100 Detransitioners.”

I have attempted to summarise the key points in the paper. It certainly makes one question the oft-quoted very low rate of ‘detransition’

The study explored the experiences of individuals who underwent Gender Transition for gender dysphoria and subsequently detransitioned. The study confirms that the prevalence of detransition is unknown. Only 24% of detransitioners informed the clinicians/clinics that facilitated their transitions. Thus quoted rates of detransition are likely underestimated.

Individuals who detransition did so for varied and complex reasons. Most identified as transgender or nonbinary at the start of their transition rejected their natal sex, their bodies ‘felt wrong the way they were’, and they believed that transition was the only option to relieve their distress. Some were helped by transition and only detransitioned because they were pressured to do so by people in their lives, society, or because they had medical complications. Some were harmed by transition and detransitioned because they concluded that their gender dysphoria was caused by trauma, a mental health condition, internalized homophobia, or misogyny—conditions that are not likely to be resolved with transition.

The findings highlight the complexity of gender dysphoria and suggest that in some cases failure to explore co-morbidities and the context in which the gender dysphoria emerged can lead to misdiagnosis, missed diagnoses, and inappropriate gender transition.

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Another terrific piece, Bernard.

The longstanding and ongoing propaganda campaign designed to destroy the reputation of Dr Zucker and of any conservative, careful, mental health-oriented approach to gender dysphoria is a tragedy and a disgrace. In order to argue that there is no alternative to “gender-affirming care”, trans activists and their powerful allies, including the medical and pharmaceutical industries and their compliant friends in the mass media, have made this literally true—by intimidating health professionals into bowing down or bowing out.

The panoply of side effects and complications of medicalised gender treatments (including surgical interventions which remove healthy tissue and seek to attach or create makeshift opposite sex genitals) are dismissed as a “routine” feature of all medical treatment. However, it’s wrong to characterise the ill effects as mere side effects rather than intended effects. Suppressing puberty, androgenising a female through testosterone and likewise feminising a male through oestrogen are all equivalent to the deliberate creation of a disease state.

This is the only area of medicine which can be said to knowingly create disease and disability in a healthy individual. It does this on the basis of mere feelings expressed by the patient “backed up” by a threadbare theory which postulates that trans-identification is a kind of intersex condition that affects the brain, not the genitals. (This despite the fact that in the history of medical science there is NO intersex condition that does not affect the genitals.)

How does deliberate disease creation not violate the Nuremberg Code? https://media.tghn.org/medialibrary/2011/04/BMJ_No_7070_Volume_313_The_Nuremberg_Code.pdf

Anyone interested in working towards a return to the former gold standard of treatment as practised by Dr Zucker and others, please follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/WatchfulWaitingOz

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