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Thank you so much for this article!

The Dutch protocol only evaluated the young people a year or two after the last surgery. Regret and detransition studies have found median or average times to regret to be much longer (4-5-9 or 10 years, Vandenbussche, 2021, Littman, 2021, Dhejne, 2014, Wiepjes, 2018).

(The last two quote a regret rate, however Dhejne 2014 had a very different cohort and process older, and Wiepjes 2018 loses 36% to follow up.)

So one doesn't know how many have regretted with the Dutch protocol, either.

Given the different presentation (at or after puberty, but still developmentally immature) and the explosion in cases for both natal sexes, it's really good that countries are taking a closer look, it can't happen soon enough in the rest of the world!

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The phrase "unwanted puberty" made me think. Previously there wasn't an alternative to puberty for those disturbed by it (except maybe severe anorexia). Is it thought this is a factor in the epidemic of gender change?

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