It is also extremely distressing to other members of the medical profession to see children put on these one way paths to puberty blockers ( polite term for medical castration), then cross sex hormones and then mutilating surgery. All this to a physically normal child.

And hospital administrators, “learned “ medical colleges and politicians so terrified of the transgender movement all do a Pontius Pilate and look away.

The day is coming when they will all be made to answer for this perversion of medical practice and they will pay dearly.

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The good news:

I can find no record that a single gender dysphoria-related suicide in a young person has occurred in Australia, has there actually been any?

The bad news:

The age-specific death rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child suicide is 8.3 deaths per 100,000 compared to 2.1 per 100,000 for non-Indigenous children.

If suicide and/or self-harm are a serious concern among our children then let’s put the Gender Dysphoria cohort in perspective and go where the real problem exists.

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Oct 7, 2023Liked by Bernard Lane

"A Danish study found: Trans males had a 2.2-fold & 1.63-fold & trans women had a 1.93-fold & 1.73-fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared w/ men & women, respectively. These were mostly 20-somethings, so CVD = high blood pressure & abnormal blood fats."


Just saw the above

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There are some great succinct descriptions in here to quote what is going on, on top of all the backing reference information, thank you!

It is very difficult to explain what is going on to people who are new to it but articles like these make it much easier--

"“It is important to know that gender clinics are not set up to provide mental health services.

Their approach to assessing children and families is radically different to that of a child and adolescent mental health service.Because the gender advocates believe that the children presenting to gender clinics are naturally ‘trans’, the gender clinics are set up as medical clinics. Yet we know that the children presenting to gender clinics have incredibly complex mental health problems, and they are in desperate need of a proper mental health service. The gender clinics function as rapid assessment and treatment services—and the only treatment they provide is the affirmation model. From what I have seen is that, regardless of the complexity of the child’s background and presentation, the gender clinic always comes to the same conclusion."

They conclude that the child’s gender dysphoria is ‘persistent, insistent and consistent’ [diagnostic catchwords], and should be treated with the affirmation model. Any other mental health or social problems the child is experiencing is attributed to that stigma of being transgender.

And these problems are expected to resolve through treatment with social transition, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and gender surgeries. The concept of having a multidisciplinary team in a gender clinic is meaningless when everyone in the team is contractually obliged to follow the affirmation model, which is written into the gender clinic’s model of care."

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Although I don't do deep-dive research into "critical theory", I came across the term "Critical whiteness theory" this morning, and decided to write a simple recipe that, as it seems to me, is at work when such things are brought to life:

1- Start with an otherwise unexceptional observation, such that “The majority of US citizens are white”.

2- Abstract and reify the adjective “white” as “whiteness”. Be sure to capitalize it- “Whiteness”, and to use it in definite noun phrases where possible, as in “The Whiteness in the room was deafening”.

3- Now that Whiteness is a noun, look for all sorts of predicates related to moral reasoning that you can to attach to it, e.g. “Whiteness is a moral flaw”, and “The problems of some Blacks is that they have too much ‘Whiteness’”. (Nothing ever said about Whites having too little Blackness, of course.)

4- With this raging success, turn this into a whole new corpus of research, and if possible, into an academic department at one, then many, Universities. The subject cannot be called anything but “Critical Whiteness Studies” (CWS).

5- Give out PhDs in CWS like candy and send the newly minted acolytes out to man the DEI departments of Universities, media etc all over the world, all the while never letting the question be asked “What the hell does any of this even mean??”

6- Rinse, repeat.

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The November 2022 briefing note and other similar briefings to politicians read like an arrogant request not to challenge the status quo i.e. "Mind your own business". When an abuser says do not try to escape, they are telling you an option is to try to escape. When politicians are told not to hold an enquiry into Gender clinics, they are telling you what they are afraid of.

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