I believe that the Cass report goes a long way to condemning the ‘affirmative model of gender care’.

I suspect that formal investigations will soon be proposed, Royal Commission type formal investigations.

It is probable that the party is all but over.

However, where would that leave those practitioners who have promoted and implemented this ‘cure’, a cure that required the use of off-label hormones and all the horrors that followed?

Those practitioners would become very vulnerable. God-knows the damage done cannot be reversed, reputations and careers at stake. The lawyers will be licking their chops.

It is difficult to imagine a scenario where a “whoops, sorry” would suffice.

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"The WPATH 8th version’s narrative on gender-affirming medical treatment for adolescents does not reference its own systematic review [of the evidence], but instead states: ‘... a systematic review regarding outcomes of treatment in adolescents is not possible.'"

That really sums up gender affirming medicine. Constantly rewriting history. We're seeing that in the reactions to the CASS report as well.

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There has been an effort by critics to debunk the Cass Review on the grounds that it excluded so many studies for various reasons. This has been amplified again and again.

Journalist Benjamin Ryan has just posted a Twitter thread tracing the source to much of this disinformation to trans-activist Alejandra Caraballo, a lawyer at Harvard's Cyberlaw Clinic, who actually pretended that a tweet showing part of a 4 year old study is actually from the Cass Review.

A must read thread revealing the level of integrity throughout this field:


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I would love to believe that 'the party is all but over' but where I live those who have encouraged affirmation seem to be letting it all fall on deaf ears. It doesn't suit our country they say. Children are children wherever they may be I say.

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Re: charts. Our inflection point for number of referrals seems to be about 2012, i.e. after Netherlands (2011) and before UK (2014). 4G networks rolled out in Australia around 2012 with commensurate rise in social media.

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