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Thank you Bernard. This is just so clear and follows brilliantly on from minister Fentiman‘s expressed support for government being able to admit their mistakes. And good to know Jillian’s correction is on record.

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Indeed doctors often disagree on interventions and outcomes in medicine and this, in many circumstances, is a most ‘healthy’ reality.

The discipline of medicine has a history of disastrous flaws that irreversibly damaged countless poor souls.

Disagreement is most profound when interventions are most invasive, irreversible and address a vulnerable cohort.

Medicine’s answer to disagreement in relation to interventions and controversy is a clinical trial, not just any clinical trial but a randomized double blind placebo control, the “Gold Standard” in intervention based studies.

The ‘affirmative’ approach to the treatment of gender dysphoria involves children and young people. The protocols includes the use of off-label hormonal products with unknown long-term effects, irreversible genital mutilation and permanent sterility.

This cocktail of horrors has not undergone any form of clinical trial

If ever there was a medical intervention demanding disagreement this one ticks all the boxes and more!

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I suspect the the 'affirmative party' is all but over with yesterday's announcement that the The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists declined to endorse gender ­affirming care as the key intervention for children who believe they may be transgender, highlighting an increasingly cautious approach in some European countries amid a lack of evidence for the medical pathway.

It's time for a hearty cheer and a nice cold beer!

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Wow Bernard! She certainly did! Sort of like what we expect the AAP to do in the US. AAP says we still will do it even if there is no evidence....

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