Dr Mason’s summary of the litany of contradictions that are somehow used to justify this invasive irreversible mutilating medical procedure in young people leads one to the believe that many of the sacred tenets of medical practice have been put on hold.

To add, I cite text from a recent edition of the US ‘Current Sexual Health Reports’, a journal with the defined objective of “providing the reader, in a systematic manner, with the views of experts on current advances in the sexual health field in a clear and readable manner”:

The evidence base for gender-affirming interventions is sparce and of very low quality. While the evidence of benefits is highly uncertain, the harms to sexual and reproductive functions are certain, and many uncertainties about the long-term health effects exist. As a result, it is hard to ethically justify continuing to use hormones and surgeries as first-line “treatment” for gender dysphoric youth.

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Brilliantly demolishes every argument for “gender affirming care”. Gender medicine is a tragic example of the corruption of science by political and ideological activism. And kids are paying the price. How easily this wooly-headed, faith-based, devastatingly harmful quackery has conquered practically every major scientific institution (not to mention virtually every political party). Where were the checks and balances we all assumed would prevent such an extraordinary phenomenon? The commitment to evidence-based practice? All overcome by a toxic combination of zealotry, greed, cowardice and docility.

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Thank you for putting this all in one place! I often need to support my arguments with the data!!! And here it is!

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Excellent article - clear and cogent! Thank you for this!

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This is worthy of the Onion:

"Apparently, the first reviewer thinks that we do change the sex of our patients. And the second one was worried that my assertion would offend children who read medical journals. "

Can't be telling children medical facts that offend them!

At least medical journals for pediatricians should not?

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