Why has there been a dramatic spike in often troubled children and teenagers declaring a transgender identity and seeking puberty blocker drugs, synthetic hormones and surgery?

A growing number of people all around the world are asking this question. It raises issues fundamental to a healthy society, yet much of mainstream media has missed the story or worse, engaged in uncritical promotion of medicalised gender change.

I’m Bernard Lane, a Sydney-based journalist covering the international debate about gender clinics and trying to shed light on what appears to be an emerging medical scandal.

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I want my coverage to be easily and widely shared to help compensate for the failure of many media outlets to report gender clinics with accuracy and detail.

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A bit about my background—I’ve been a journalist for more than three decades, mostly with Australia’s national daily newspaper The Australian, where I won awards for legal, higher education and foreign affairs reporting. I’ve also had bylines in The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The International Herald Tribune, The Bulletin, Quadrant and The Cairns Post.

I’ve written about all kinds of subject matter, but never encountered a story as troubling as gender clinics.

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