Well done Norway!

The referenced cohort referred to the Oslo Hospital included 268 children. 75% had been diagnosed with a mental illness, and some 20% had autism spectrum disorder, ADHD/ADD or Tourette’s.

The rationale of subjecting such children to an experimental, invasive, mutilating, irreversible, sterilising procedure that has not undergone a clinical trial to confirm efficacy and safety could be compared with one of medicine’s most dark experiments:

Frontal lobotomy, an invasive, irreversible, un-trialled, grotesque procedure was developed in the 1930’s for the treatment of mental illness and to solve the pressing problem of overcrowding in mental institutions in an era where no other form of effective treatment was available.

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Norway now joins Sweden, Finland and the UK in strictly limiting use of the affirmative treatment model and Germany, Netherlands and Italy are not far behind.

But not Australia. Nothing to see here. We are still “leading the world”

This will inevitably lead to higher risks for physicians in Australia who persist using these treatments in the face of increasing criticism of their lack of evidence of efficacy in any hard end point and conversely increasing evidence of harm.

But bring it on. The proponents are practising ideology not medicine and perhaps the only thing that will stop them is a massive successful negligence claim.

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I think this article captures the nature of “gender-affirming care”.

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Is there a link to the HKS annual report?

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