This is good news. but i am skeptical. the aap has already shown its bias and religiosity regarding this issue. their statements are consistently dishonest and political. they realize they have a problem. but to them the main problem is that others havent joined their religion.

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It's a step in the right direction, but let's be realistic: The AAP Board is absolutely captured enough by trans ideology that they are capable of instilling gross bias in the systematic review of evidence on medical transition of minors. They must be watched every step of the way and outed at the first sign of shenanigans.

What "outside group" is doing the review? Using what criteria exactly? It must all be transparent.

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Thank you!

AAP--Evidence before passing policies that involve giving young people steroids and castrating medication: "Testosterone therapy in transgender men can suppress ovulation and alter ovarian histology, while estrogen therapy in transgender women can lead to impaired spermatogenesis and testicular atrophy. "...how about doing that? This isn't like taking tylenol instead of aspirin, or having an apple instead of a banana....

It seems to be, nah, send us your kids, we'll check at some point if this actually helps them mentally, since we don't have outcomes you can't say it doesn't?

Amazing. How many tragedies underway are due to this...?

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It is apparent to those with the insight to scrutinise the evidence base supporting the affirmative model of ‘addressing’ gender dysphoria that it is weak.

A weak evidence base addressing a benign medical intervention is, at times, acceptable.

However an intervention that includes children and young people and involves irreversible, sterilising and mutilating procedures should not be condoned.

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"Longstanding Democratic voters who oppose the medicalisation of gender non-conforming youth declare themselves “politically homeless”."

As a longstanding Democratic voter, this breaks my heart. Radical social justice ideologues couldn't have better promoted the interests of the radical Right if they had purposely tried to do so.

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I don't mean to spam the comment section....but I just saw this twitter thread and thought that Mr. Lane and readers would be very interested. Seems that yet another study is found flawed....



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Hmmmm.....given the state of this field, I am very skeptical as to what the AAP will do.

So, let's say they find weak support, etc. What then, Oops we were wrong? We'll do better next time!

Wouldn't it be opening a floodgate of lawsuits against its members?

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And I was about to get excited! Still a way to go by the looks of things

Thank you Bernard

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Aug 6, 2023·edited Aug 6, 2023

Gender Dysphoria. People use it all the time. Here is my question:

Is gender dysphoria in essence what in the United States we call sissy boys and tomboy girls?

Because as many know, those people usually tend to be gays and lesbians...usually effeminate men and more masculine women. (I am gay male who was very effeminate as a child, but have lost many/most of my mannerism as an adult.)

BTW, there are masculine gay men, just totally simple guys, and femine lesbian....often the people who in the past would get married because they passed as straight.

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This is excellent news!!

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