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"At the screening stage, it was determined that the [RCH] guideline did not include a funding statement, an evidence base for the recommendations or information about conflict of interest, and that it would not meet the portal selection criteria"

A lot missing!!!! Insane.

Thank you for the great reporting!

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On the surface this sounded like good news, an appropriate, no holds barred investigation of the status-quo. However when the nature of a review has limits as proposed in the text:

“However, the nature of the review and the makeup of the seven-person evaluation panel suggest that non-invasive alternatives to “gender-affirming care”—such as exploratory psychotherapy—will not be seriously considered”.

It seems that the ‘review’ will not address the very issues that need addressing.

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It will take a change of Government before sanity returns to this subject. And even that might not be enough if the Libs don’t have the guts to confront the Trans lobby.

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“It is important we continue to review our models of care and consider any evidence that becomes available to ensure we are providing gender-diverse children and young people access to the best and safest lifesaving care and support.”

It is pleasing that there has not been a single child suicide in this cohort in Australia.

HOWEVER, there does exist a dreadfully high suicide rates among another group of children that does not seem to raise similar commitments to providing the best and safest lifesaving care and support:

The age-specific death rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child suicide is 8.3 deaths per 100,000 compared to 2.1 per 100,000 for non-Indigenous children.

Now there’s a real problem!

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