I don't know what parents are being told however if you look at the website they state 'reversable'.

It would not seem appropriate to make such statement in the light of current knowledge:




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Wow - what an excellent, thorough, and well-deserved take-down of the state of gender identity ideology around children here in New Zealand! Thanks, Bernard.

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Interesting how health pathways/PATHA strongly push gender affirming hormone treatment (GAHT) and then at the same time acknowledge that gender identify can change and is not fixed. 🤔

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It is interesting to note that the RCH Website still states that puberty blockers are reversible (copied below) and no mention made of possible signficant developmental side effects that are currently being discussed:

1. Puberty suppression

Puberty blockers – prescribed by a paediatrician or paediatric endocrinologist.

Puberty blockers suppress the development of secondary sex characteristics and are used for adolescents in the early stages of pubertal development. As they are reversible in their effects, should an adolescent wish to stop taking them at any time, their biological puberty will resume.

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Sep 23, 2022·edited Sep 23, 2022

So not only do we have a high rate per head of the adolescent NZ population it would appears with 65 of 100 (or presumably 65%) of children at the Christchurch clinic on puberty blockers that there is also, at least in one clinic, an extremely high referral to medication rate. I wonder how that compares to the UK?

In the Keira Bell court finding corresponding figures were 2517 referrals to 161 endocrinologist referrals https://www.judiciary.uk/judgments/r-on-the-application-of-quincy-bell-and-a-v-tavistock-and-portman-nhs-trust-and-others/ (paras 29-31) for the years 2019 and 2018 respectively.

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That’s the word! Or contradictory? Jarring? Nonsensical?

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