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Yet another brilliant article, Bernard - thank you for your persistence.

The appalling selectivity that “some” science evidence in the Cass Report is “acceptable” while the science they don’t like is not is utterly damning.

People keep likening this scandal to the lobotomising scandal - but I think this is so much worse because young people we KNOW are not capable of making decisions of this magnitude because of their vulnerability, their age, internalised homophobia and in many cases, mental heath issues.

The governments that are steadfastly endorsing “gender affirmation” as “care” need to be held to account, as does every medical “professional” who spruiks this exploitation as ethical treatment.

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Yes, and I don't think lobotomies or the recovered memory scandal reached outside the professions to contaminate the bureaucracy & politics with ideology.

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I am a 30-year qualified DClinPych.

Here's my take:

1. 'Gender Dysphoria' is a false construct. It has zero empirical basis. It is the misattribution of extant developmental, neurobiological and psycho-social conditions.

2. Puberty is not an illness. It should nor be blocked, altered or in any way derailed.

3. Apart from the physical effects, PBs lower IQ and impair executive functioning. Children therefore are not being given 'time to think' because their brains are being destroyed.

4. Children are developmentally incapable of providing 'consent' to 'GAC' (which in itself is completely unethical and experimental').

5. The 'Trans child' is a monstrous fabrication hy the Gender industry. It is impossible to 'transition' out of an incomplete developmental phase.

Follow me on X, @Psychgirl211.

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A psychiatrist told me he believed GD was really a mask for personality disorders.

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Thanks for your excellent reporting of (and insight into) this court case, Bernard. "Swanning around in corporeal fancy dress." Indeed.

I salute the three parents currently in court trying to prevent their children from being subjected to this barbaric experimentation and mutilation. For all I know they could be thoroughly awful human beings, but on this matter, they are absolutely, 100% without a doubt doing the right thing.

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It was Just a few short years ago that a paediatrician from the RCH was lauded on television and women’s magazines for pioneering work that had resulted in saving the lives of distraught children who, through some devious quirk of nature, had been ‘born in the wrong body’ and were at risk of suicide unless something was done.

The paediatrician had the solution: change the body/change the gender to the one preferred:

Puberty blockers, followed by cross sex hormones then, when the time was right, some appendages were removed and/or remodelled. ‘Gender transition’, problem solved!

Any doubt expressed as to validity of this rather extravagant solution was settled by reference to a ‘Dutch study’ that was sad to prove unequivocally that ‘gender change/transition’ was the answer.

At least that was the case until it all began to unravel when the Dutch study was discredited as an evidence base for what was being done to those troubled children.

Things were on ever more very shaky ground when the Cass was report was released. The nail in the coffin, possibly?

Then, when it seemed that perhaps Cass was not being taken seriously a new crisis seems to be evolving, a legal issue over access to gender medicine for minors has ‘erupted’ with a lawyer involved suggesting that disputes could “grinding the court to death”

Now, the gender juggling may be in really serious trouble and it may be the lawyers who win the lottery.

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Hello Bernard

Kudos to you for persisting with this abhorrent subject.

I can't wait to see the day that the entire 'gender' industry is brought to its knees.

In the name of 'kindness' aka 'brutality' the 'adults' have certainly left the building !

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This article covers a lot of ground. I would like to add a few points. The judge says these cases could consume too much time. I'm not fond of the only one parent needs to consent approach. This has happened with child circumcision, where one parent wants the child cut while the other doesn't. Some parents have the boy cut just to spite the other (estranged) parent. Better to have consent of both parents. Even better, leave him alone. The boy can get himself cut when he is older.

Re transing, it would be better if both parents consent as required. This would eliminate wasting court time. Even better, wait till the child is an adult.

As for mature minors, the term is an oxymoron. Gender confused children are likely to be less mature than average anyway. Being afraid of puberty is not mature. Being impatient is not mature. Gender confused children often have comorbidities etc etc.

One thing I am unclear about is the number of psychiatrists in the story. Are there one or two?

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"The psychiatrist said that by their 'own frame of reference,' many trans young people were gay or lesbian; 'a registered-male-at-birth feels she is attracted to other females, [there are] lots of lesbian trans men'."

This is something I don't fully understand. My understanding was that there is a very low statistical correlation between trans gender ID and homosexuality, and therefore that in the absence of evidence that the trans ID is apparent in early childhood and stable over time, confusing sexual orientation with gender ID would be the preferred hypothesis. Not so?

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I guess Lane is referring to Tavistock & Amsterdam data where a high proportion of kids were same-sex attracted.

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