Agree that this will be a Clayton’s Inquiry if the terms of reference are as stated.

It is completely ridiculous to use the RCH Guidelines as the gold standard to be compared to. These standards were regarded as too poorly done to be included in the NHMRC list of approved Guidelines because of their weak evidence base.

I would go further than you Bernard. I would not say they are “ contentious “. I would say they are clearly incorrect.

There is No evidence that the Affirmative Model is Life saving and I believe it is unethical for any clinician to tell patients or parents that it is.

Unless the terms of reference of this Inquiry are changed it will achieve nothing.

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They can’t be serious:

evaluating a procedure that involves treatment with off- label hormone therapy, irreversible genital mutilation and sterilisation in otherwise healthy children against protocols that have not satisfied acceptale criteria that confirms safety and efficacy.

No doubt they will pass the evaluation with flying colours.

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