I believe that the sun is (ever so slowly) setting on affirmation and irreversible hormonal and surgical intervention of children and young adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

An apparent contagion with exponential numbers lining up at gender clinics coinciding with ever more authorities questioning the wisdom of doing this to our young.

Perhaps some of the practitioners promoting and implementing these invasive and untested therapies may looking over their shoulders, beginning to have second thoughts, “is this really such a good idea?”

Better late than never. I believe with some conviction that this ‘exciting adventure in medical manipulation’ will soon be seen for what it is, a dreadful mistake.

It would be encouraging to see some indication of ‘rethink’ from the RCH but if that is happening it is not apparent.

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Jan 16Liked by Bernard Lane

Great that the mental health professionals are doing this, finally 👏

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