Any individual with a semblance of understanding of right-and-wrong cannot but question the ethics of sanctioning an invasive, irreversible, mutilating and sterilising medical procedure on otherwise healthy children.

The Cass report addressed the multitude of shortcomings in a systematic and comprehensive manner and suggested what was required to bring this discipline into something approaching ethical acceptance

For those committed to human rights in medicine it is obviously important to consider the issue Human Rights and Infertility:

Preventing infertility aka maintaining fertility is essential to ensuring that individuals can exercise their bodily autonomy and integrity, a central component of the rights to life, privacy, liberty and security, physical and mental integrity.

Twenty years after the transition how do we get around to explaining to our son or daughter that we signed the consent that cast their fertility aside?

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It’s quite devastating - even the possibility of such an outcome, of decisions no child should be expected to make. I find myself asking again and again…how did we get here? I never get an answer that satisfies me.

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Once the genie got out of the bottle it was always going to be difficult to put it back in. The genie in this case being the gender identity ideology, and the bottle being the Humanities and Social Sciences from which Queer Theory emerged from the love child of Gender Studies, all those decades ago. Queer Theory’s basic imperative is to see heteronormativity replaced by Queernormitivity , which happily embraces the concept of gender fluidity. Once released it then metastasized to sites where such an aspiration found fertile ground where there might be a preponderance of Empathy to be found. What I am about to say will likely offend some, but Biology keeps raising it’s head : the demographics of social science based clinical psychologists within children’s hospitals’ gender clinics ( Dr Polly Carmichael, the lead clinician at Tavistock is a psychologist , not a paediatrician) might provide some explanation as to how empathy might play a part to facilitate the embracing of “ gender affirming care” for minors. We can only ponder if the results of an interface between and ideology and medical practice might have been different , if the lead clinicians at gender clinics had been heteronormative “ cisgender “, mere males. Just a thought.

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