It is interesting to note that despite the widespread debate as to the unknown long-term effects of puberty suppression in children and young people that the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service website makes no reference to this.

I quote the relevant statement from that website:

Puberty suppression

Puberty blockers suppress the development of secondary sex characteristics and are used for adolescents in the early stages of pubertal development. As they are reversible in their effects, should an adolescent wish to stop taking them at any time, their biological puberty will resume.

The implication being that there is obviously nothing to be concerned about in relation to a little puberty suppression!

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Perhaps Professor Baxendale’s attempts to bring some evidence based clarity (to acknowledge the inappropriate use of puberty suppression in minors with conditions other than precocious puberty and some specific malignancy ) might be more successful than West Sydney paediatric Professor John Whitehall’s attempts. He was siting the same veterinary research some eight years ago. His identical specifically expressed concerns of puberty suppression were not met with other than silence, or even , easily some derision, perhaps because he aligned with, shock horror, a Christian pastoral background. He wrote numerous scholarly articles in Quadrant magazine from 2016 and did his best to raise awareness for the potential for neurological and/or cognitive impairment. So, just quietly Bernard, don’t let it slip if you happen to be a man of faith! There might be more than merely the press council’s response. We all value your ongoing contributions, even if The Australian newspaper thought otherwise

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"We must shrink the brains of children with distress about gender" just doesn't seem like a winning civil rights cause, somehow.

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I have been a clinical psychologist for 30 years.

During this time I saw ONE child with 'gender' issues.

I agree with everything said here.

Furthermore, IQ is a very stable construct. It's not like blood pressure or weight. It should NOT fall like this! In 30 years of carrying out probably thousands of cognitive assessments, I have only seen such a fall once, and that was a few months ago in a man with severe Autism, (which is a risk factor)

These children's brains are being desrtroyed by PB's

'Gender Affirming Care' is a generational scandal.

You can see my full essay on this at the Reality's Last Stand Substack.

My thread about this is pinned to my X Profile (@Psychgirl211).

There, you can also see my other threads on the impact of 'gender affirming care' from the perspective of a 'Gender Critical' (I prefer the term Sex Realist) psychologist.

My profession has rolled over and played dead on this issue. Anyone involved in this deserves prison time.

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